Monday, February 23, 2015

Sic Vives

Time goes on, I'm back in Vladivostok, we got French as our second language at university, I started a really important thing and learn four languages at once. Ta-daaa!
That really important thing is work. I started working! I told you a thousand times I wanted to become a tutor since the second semester, and I did it! Isn't it a great step in my life? It's definitely something I would write down in my autobiography. I became the English tutor for a boy, and I've already had a real full lesson with him, and everything went well. Since March I'm about to start working with a girl, but I still wait for their call. Even if I'm left with one boy to study, because it takes a lot of time and power to get to the city, I may spend about an hour on buses only to reach the place of my destination. But finally this is where I read and not waste my cell phone battery.
Last week my student organisation started its lectures, and so they started to teach us how to become teachers of their summer camp. I aim at working there for one term, I won't be able to work there for another term, because...
I have a huge announcement for you, world! In the end of summer, but in the beginning of August I'll go to... the USA! Yey!  I did decide to use my American visa one more time and have already bought the plane tickets. I'll go off to LA through Japan on the 2nd of August and be heading back to Russia through Japan again on the 11th of August, though I'll land to Vladivostok on the 13th only. After that I plan on visiting my hometown. I know, it won't be for long, and there are plenty of time till August from now, but I don't want to spend a lot of time in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk either. I love my hometown for people living there, but on seeing them I don't have much to do there. You know, on the last week of staying at home I started seeing my university in my dreams. I've got a new life, and I'm in love with that. The past is past.
While I keep on reading "Lolita" by V. Nabokov in the original, yesterday I started reading "The Plague" by the French author Albert Camus. Even though we study French, I hope you understand I read it translated into Russian, I like that book, it's kinda sad-philosophical thing I like. I guess I'll 'kill' it pretty fast, the story is really fascinating.
Yesterday Russia stopped celebrating Maslenitsa - a week when we eat a lot of thin pancakes, have fun and visit relatives, On Saturday our university had an event about it, and I even participated there as a musician! A host picked me out of the crowd and gave me an old Russian musical instrument that's actually a wash board. You know, Russians can play a saw even.

Yeah, I'm wearing red-blue shirt and a wash board on my neck
The same day, right before the event, Tanya, Rodion and I had a walk around our campus, it was snowing that time, very beautiful, though I don't approve of snowing in Vladivostok, I long for spring. So my friends and I decided to... walk on water! Well, I mean on ice. Our bay got frozen during the winter, so we could have a walk. 

Looks much like "Interstellar", isn't it?

When I'm on my way to my work, I have an opportunity to see the most beautiful views I so adore. The views of cities always take over my heart. And I take photos of them.

Be brave

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Play It Cool

You wouldn't believe, but there are two rough drafts left undone, and I don't seem to finish them. I'm tired of describing my daily life here, it stops being interesting for me. The aim of the blog as my English trainer is done, I don't need this any more, and now I only feel like pouring my thoughts out on your light heads, letting you know what's inside me, not outside. Of course I also feel like sharing my plans, whether they are Napoleon's or real ones.
If nevertheless you want to know how I spend my time on vacation, so I spend it fine. I work hard on my Italian, organize my future tutor work, go for walks with my mom and wait for Dasha to come back from her exams.
Do I miss university? Maybe. A little bit. You know, as I felt at university when I was asked if I was homesick. I always play it cool about my feelings and try not to reveal it even to myself. I am sensitive, but you won't be lucky to hear me weeping about not seeing someone for a long time. I can cry over big troubles, when things overwhelm me and I can't bear them on my weak shoulders. But one evening of crying is allowed, and then I go hard again. But feelings... Now I can totally admit that I miss my university friends: our group leader Anton, his girlfriend Tanya, even Cherry Lady's boyfriend Andrei. I don't mention Cherry Lady herself, because we've met lately and I'll stay with her till summer as well, so it's ok. I miss Ilya, who came to our home town, but only for a week. Now he's  back in Prague, and I don't know when I'm gonna see him next time. Not mentioning Dasha, she'll come to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in a couple of days. Rodion? I guess, we'll rather have walks with him in Vladivostok than here. I wonder if I've just mentioned all my people who's really important for me now.
I think I inherited this feature of being reserved from my grandmother. I don't remember her being passionate about anything except when I let my hair down or didn't have lunch. Sometimes I feel sorry for myself that I can't express my emotions on time, and then think it over before sleep. But then I wake up and remind myself that a moto "Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know" fits me better than "Let it go".

Be brave to feel the way you feel

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Snowboarding Girl Is Back

 We solve crimes. I blog about it, and he forgets his pants. 
I wouldn't hold out too much hope. 
John Watson, "Sherlock" BBC

Every watching "Sherlock" BBC reminds me of who I am.
So, two days ago I returned to snowboarding, and it was awesome! Dasha, a couple of our buddies and I rode the most popular winter sports place of our city called "Gorny Vozdukh" that can be translated as "Mountain Air". I snowboarded there for the first time, and I did it fine! I finally can ride the regular position (even though I had thought goofy was mine), but I can't control it fully, so I have so much to do with it! I also had a ride today, but Dasha and I didn't descend the slope too long, because the place was too ice to ride it normally, and you'd better invent an iceboard for that. But anyhow I has improved my snowboarding skills since the last year. I plan on surfing YouTube looking for the tips of better riding.

Yesterday I hooked up with my girls from the music school. Even though I live with Cherry Lady in the dormitory at university, but Christina see us much rarer. As usual we went to our favourite coffee-shop, spent there 3 good hours talking and then went home. But tomorrow we'll all visit our teacher from the music school whom we love a lot.
Moreover, tomorrow I'll prepare dough for my speciality of the house - gingerbreads. I hope everything will be fine, because I'm known with my fails about cooking,,, and with my victories.
The song of the day will be "Nirvana" by fabulous Sam Smith, that's been rolling in my head for a pretty long time. So marvellous.

Be brave to ride new ways 

Irene Adler: I would have you, right here, on this desk, 
until you begged for mercy twice...
Sherlock Holmes: ...I've never begged for mercy in my life.
Irene Adler: Twice.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

The First Of Wonderful

Well, are you ready? Do you feel fine generally? I definitely do. But now I should retell how I've celebrated this New Year, shouldn't I?
The beginning was all the same - I met the midnight with my parents, then hooked up with the friends. Then we wanted to go around the city, but we turned out to go to our former class master. When we met with him, some boys hardly hinted him to go to his place, but our teacher resisted, my close friends, the teacher and I went to the nearest square, the others separated from us. At the square the teacher opened a bottle of a sparkling wine and a box of sweets, we talked about our education, and when we got ultimately cold, we went down. We hooked up with the company again, and headed to... the 2012-2013 New Year. Even though Ilya and our class master went home, we came to Misha's place, even though it weren't 17 people now, and Misha's parents didn't welcome us at the entering. The boys started drinking vodka and playing GTA V, Dasha and I spent time warming up with hot tea and laughing at the boys' jokes. When Dasha and I became ready to go, we said goodbye to the boys and ran through the frost to Bacardi Black at Dasha's place. We couldn't resist our tiredness too long, and at half past 7 a.m. I went home. I immediately fell asleep and at about 5 p.m. I opened my eyes.
Presents time! I didn't received much this time, but there are absolutely precious ones. Dasha gave me the most awesome notebook one can ever desire. She printed my pic on the cloth and put it on the notebook she had bought with me, actually:D

Ilya presented me the nerdiest thing ever - Howard Wolowitz 16,4 cm figure. That's so awesome! 

My parents gave me soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of purr big socks and an album with Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk cover. And sweets. Back to university at our New Year party Cherry Lady's boyfriend Andrei gifted me a mug with "Wild Pandas" logo printed on it (just reminding - "Wild Pandas" is our university's American football team in which Andrei and Rodion are members). And sweets from Anton and Tatyana. MORE SWEEEEEEETS!!
So, as you can understand I've slept the whole day today, I've been eating (sing it like "I've been drinking, I've been drinking...") and surfing the Internet. Now I plan on playing the Sims 4 and watching something nice.
The song of the day will be... the latest track by Marina and the Diamonds from the future album "FROOT". The song's called "Immortal", and it isn't funny and New-Year-mooded. But the song is really beautiful and reminds of "Electra Heart" era so much. Marina released a video to the song at once.

Be brave in New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Notes From The Airport

Good night! Or is it a morning already? I don't know, how you treat it, but it's 4 a.m. here, I'm sitting at the airport if Vladivostok waiting for my flight registration. I arrived here faster than I had thought, but likely there is free Wi-Fi, and my laptop can connect to it. Unlikely all coffee-shops are still closed, and I'm becoming really hungry, so I keep on deciding if to go to the automate or not to go.
There in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk all my friends and relatives are sleeping right now, but on arriving in my hometown my parents will be meeting me right at the airport, and Dasha has told me not to hesitate and text her right away.
Yesterday my local friends and I celebrated New 2015 Year, and we did it great. No one threw up (so fortunately), everyone had fun. Cherry Lady and I had bought some chicken and salads beforehand, our dear guests brought some food with them, we washed it down with the champaign (as long as it was a New Year party), we listened to Frank Sinatra and danced to Snoop Dogg. We presented some gifts to each other, and it was so nice. I'm so glad I've found those brilliant people at university, I hope it will last as long as possible (even though one girl will live our place for good). It seems like personally I don't own any appropriate photos from the party and I'm too lazy to download others' pictures. So keep on imagining how it was.
On coming home I... will take a shower. Don't even dare laugh! After all dark yellow water at the campus, the crystal clear water in my hometown is kinda a paradise thing. I wonder if my skin has become more yellow after that dirtiness of Vladivostok's tubes. Can't help waiting for the moment when I don't have to wait a lot of time to see the clearer water and hot water pours clearly at once. Living like that I understand that you don't need too much to be happy. Clear hot water for washing, a warm place for living, money for food - this is the happiness.
Actually I don't feel fine now. I've tried to type 'actually' with 'u' in the beginning like 'uctually'. My head is aching a bit, I'm feeling sleepy. But in 10 minutes the registration must begin, and after that I will buy some food. Wish me luck! See you in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk!

Thursday, December 25, 2014


If you haven't believed in miracles before, I'm here to reassure you. They exist! On Christmas day I got my Internet back which had been lost for several days. MERRY CATHOLIC CHRISTMAS!
So, the poor Internet connection is the reason why I haven't posted Christmas songs these left days. I'm so upset about it! It had been such an awesome plan to keep me up writing! And here it failed... But nevertheless I'm back on Christmas to wish you [as usual] everything you want!
My final Christmas song for you will be... let it be several songs again.
Just now typing "Christmas" in my music source I've found a Christmas song by Lady Gaga feat. Space Cowboy called "Christmas Tree". Analysing the style and the lyrics, I can say the song belongs to Lady Gaga's "The Fame Monster" era, and it's pretty fancy.

Also I can't help putting "All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey, so here you go! And BTW I didn't liked the version by "Fifth Harmony", no way.

And for ending that I give you imperishable by fabulous Frank Sinatra.

What have I done during missing days? I have been getting my marks. You know, finally I'm glad I get all those good marks because it was my work, because I really can something, not because school needed another 'gold pupil'. Of course, some teachers gave us marks not depending much on our knowledge, but nevertheless. Tomorrow I'll get my 2 last marks, and the semester will be totally over! On the 30th of December (even though now I see I could do it earlier) I'll fly home and will be back in Vladivostok only in the beginning of February! Yey! Isn't it cool? Love being at the university.
At the weekend Cherry Lady and I are putting up a party with our local friends. There are going to be about 6 people including us, so we'll celebrate New Year and Christmas, and say each other goodbye, because our friends live in Khabarovsk,one girl in Chita, we in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, and so we won't be able to see each other for the whole month. Well, now I know it's nothing comparing with not seeing my school friends for months.
What are you going to do on holiday? I plan on seeing relatives and acquaintances, having fun with my friends and... discovering Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk's bars I wasn't able to go to underage, maybe? LOL we'll see... >:D
So now I leave you for awhile again, but saying 'have a good-good time!" VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

*Be brave!*

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Lights/River

Yesterday I wasn't able to make a post with another New Year song, because in the evening (and at night) I made a little present for the STEP party. Isn't it awesome?

So here's your song for yesterday. Let it be "Christmas Lights" by Coldplay. I don't remember how I found that song, probably just came across it on the Internet. Still such a nice Christmas song. Of course, it has already been the song of the day once, but on the other hand I don't have a lot of new Christmas songs this year.

The party itself was pretty fine. We had much fun there all together, performing little plays we'd prepared. Then we had cosy tea-drinking wishing everyone all the best in the up-coming year. Unfortunately, I didn't chance to talk to one guy, so it put me out a little bit later, but I did chance to get to know other people better. 
The song of the day will be... I think, the saddest Christmas song - "River" by Joni Mitchell. I really love it.

Be brave

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