Sunday, November 22, 2015

Movies' Day. Part IV

Although I write about separate movies from time to time, it's been pretty long since my last "Movies' Day" post, so I feel quite ready to create something new for you.
philadelphia movieAlright, alright, alright! Last weekend my roommate and dear friend Cherry Lady checked the movies we had been recommended by our professors. 

The first one is "Philadelphia", a 1993 American drama film and one of the first mainstream Hollywood films to acknowledge HIV/AIDS, homosexuality, and homophobia. (Thanks, Wikipedia) Actually, the film wasn't in our mood, but we watched it pretty attentively because the acting is simply brilliant! I can easily understand why Mr. Tom Hanks received the Oscar for the leading role of Andrew Beckett. And the soundtrack! Certainly I'd heard "Streets of Philadelphia" by Bruce Springsteen before, but I never knew it was for the movie. That was pleasant news. 
The plot is rather controversial but pretty understandable. I loved that even though Denzel Washington's character Joe Miller had homophobia and  mysophobia, he agreed on helping Andrew Beckett in the name of justice and law. The movie's worth watching even if you're not a fan of the jurisprudence.

philadelphia movie
Tom Hanks as Andrew Beckett

guys and dolls 1955
On Sunday, we turned on "Guys and Dolls". It's a 1955 movie based on the Broadway musical of the same name. It starred  Marlon Brando, Jean Simmons, Frank Sinatra and Vivian Blaine. The plot is about how 50s' New York criminals liked gambling and betting. And that love wins at the end of it all. The movie is full of nice songs and fancy dances - of course, it's based on the musical! I liked the characters. Men were so handsome and women were so stylish those days. It reminded me of how much I like 50s' movies.

The only thing I didn't like in "Guys and Dolls" was Sister Sarah Brown's wedding dress. Or better say, the lack of her wedding dress! I know that she was a missionary, but I beg you! It's a 50s' musical! You could have made it!

But in general, "Guys and Dolls" is totally worth watching.

marlon brando

spectre 007
The third film I wanna talk about is the latest James Bond film "Spectre". The acting crew is wonderful! Daniel Craig, of course, but I was even more thrilled about one and only Monica Bellucci, adorable Ben Whishaw, Ralph Fiennes and - OMG YAS - Andrew Scott! Mr. Scott played Max Denbigh, a member of the British government, and comparing this character to Scott's famous Moriarty, I guess Andrew Scott do fine with this type of role. Unfortunately, Andrew's character won't be lucky to appear in next movies. But maybe as a flashback? Please?
Frankly speaking, I didn't like Léa Seydoux as a Bond girl much. Well, she's nice, but not splendid, you know.

The story features James Bond's first encounter with the global criminal organisation Spectre, marking the group's first appearance in an Eon Productions film since 1971's Diamonds Are Forever, and tying Craig's series of films together with an overarching storyline. (Thanks, Wikipedia)

ben whishaw qspectre andrew scott

Of course, I can't help writing about the main "Spectre" theme "Writing's On The Wall" performed by Sam Smith. Remember how excited I was with "Skyfall" by Adele? No wonder why it received an Oscar. So "Writing's On The Wall" is spectacular as well. I watched the live performance, and Mr. Smith nailed it! Let's see what awards this track will get.

Also, Cherry Lady and I have watched (my friend has re-watched) an amazing British series calls "Black Books". There are 3 seasons in the sitcom as well as 3 main characters: the bookshop's owner Bernard Black played by hilarious Dylan Moran, his assistant Manny Bianco and their friend Fran Katzenjammer. Actually, it's all about the wine, dealing with life and relationships, more booze, books vs. modern technologies, "Don't you dare use the word "party" as a verb in this shop!" and wine again. The comedy is just great! Not that stupid American pointless sitcoms, but classy smart British-Irish humor as it is.

black books dylan moran

That's all for today! Enjoy the silence the movies and have fun!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Russian Student Organizations

RSO logo
Russian Student Organizations (or Brigades as Wikipedia says) (RSO) is a big all-Russian youth non-governmental organization founded in 2004. It was created to provide college and university students with different jobs, mostly during summer holidays. Once you join one or another organization, you can become a teacher in a children summer camp (as me), a constructor, a conductor on a train, a worker on a fish-processing plant or somewhere else. At least these four professions are available in our Primorsky region. I'm not sure that you can be a worker on a fish-processing plant somewhere in the central Russia.
Such Student organizations originated in 1959 at the Physics Department of the Moscow State University as student construction brigades. They built new railways, buildings and etc. to 'create communism'. From the mid-sixties, they became an all-Union movement with all the camp teachers, plant workers, conductors, ecologists and so on. One of the main aims was to grow the feeling of the unity, pride, love to work. And of course even back then people earned money this way too. Actually, you can make pretty much working as a constructor or a plant worker. To be honest, teachers have the smallest wages but it's more about loving children, nice time with your mates and summer, I think.

Coastal Cluster of the Winter Olympics venues which were
built with the help of RSO
So, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union the tradition of student organization continued in some Russian regions. The main center was in Yekaterinburg, so it's exactly where the modern Russian tradition of student organization started. RSO has done many awesome things in modern Russia. The construction brigades helped to build the venues of the 2014 Winter Olympics, our two fantastic bridges in Vladivostok and the latest project Vostochny Cosmodrome which is still being built. The conductors go on trains from Vladivostok to Moscow for 7 days and back. Well, guys from other cities have other routes, but I don't know much about them. People joined fishing organizations come to my home island Sakhalin to work at the fish-processing plant.

Almost all the members have special RSO jackets as the uniform. The jackets can be khaki, dark green (or even blue in rare cases) that resemble the constuctors' uniform in the USSR. Only the teachers don't receive the jackets as they start working because we don't do any 'dirty work', we don't need such kind of uniform. A teacher must deserve, earn this jacket, it's kinda a symbol that your organization trusts you and present you a jacket. Teachers' uniform usually is a t-shirt and a neckerchief of significant colors.
Every organization has its commander, commissar, methodologist and master. RSO, as one huge organization consolidating the organizations from the whole country, has its own commander, commissar and master. And regional departments have too.

Different student organizations of Vladivostok on the Tiger's Day. I wasn't there :c
See the khaki jackets? Also you can differentiate one organization from another by the colors of the uniforms
Some of us posing for the photo session due to our being
the best pedagogical organization in our region in 2015
Personally I am a member of a student teaching organization (or as it's called a student pedagogical organization). Our organization's called "S.T.E.P." which is deciphered as Student Teaching English Program. Our organization has the bias for the English language (nowadays we're the only organization in our region with the bias for English) therefore all the members have made-up English names. Mine is Leslie, obviously. We work in the children summer camp called - you won't believe - "English Camp" which is situated right on my university campus. There are 3 terms during summer; also this camp has terms during fall, winter and spring holidays.

"S.T.E.P." is the biggest pedagogical organization in Primorsky region as far as I know. Formally, there are more than 100 members, though only about 70-80 teachers worked during the last summer. Anyhow, it didn't prevent us from becoming the best pedagogical organization in Primorye in 2015!
I worked last summer during the 1st term, it was my very first time. Of course, during the previous academic year we had been trained, but I faced the real children only in summer. Thankfully, my co-worker was an experienced teacher, she became my good friend. And our helper was so amazing though she was a fresh blood too.
Me and the teacher from another team (on the left) as the hosts
for the evening event with our boss Francis between us
But being a part of RSO isn't only about work and earning money. For me being a part of such a huge organization awakes some proud feelings inside like "Hell yeah, I do something good! It's useful and something you can be proud of". Apart from direct work student organization originate various social events. For example, our organization provides free English lessons in Vladivostok's libraries for kids. Unfortunately, I don't have time to teach there this year, but last year I willingly gave some lessons in the libraries as well.

Each year Primorsky Department of RSO arranges the event or the contest called something like "The Worker of the Year". At this event the best workers, the best organizations are announced. There are some criteria for that, but don't ask me about that. So, as I've already mentioned, our organization became the best!! We were so happy and proud!

But what can you see? I'm wearing The Jacket on the photo! Unfortunately, it's not mine (yet!) - I had to borrow one to perform on stage! I was honored to sing our national anthem, the RSO anthem and the theme song on stage with 5 other coolest singers of Primorsky Department of RSO. Although, it wasn't me who participated in the contest as a worker of the year, I felt so proud to represent my organization during the musical performances.

I'm actually happy that I joined RSO last year. I can't wait to see new guys coming to our organization, getting its craziness and awesomeness. Some of them will stay, some of them will go; but the process itself, the experience is priceless.

Be brave to be a part of something grand

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Things, They Change

And by morning,
Gone was any trace of you,
I think I am finally clean.
Taylor Swift, Clean

Yo, people, it's November! Welcome, November, please sit down, be a nice guy, because I do have plans for you.
If you know me well enough, so you're aware of my habit to have a 'seasonal depression' every November and April. It happens not because I want it so bad like "I'm so sick of being happy, let's act blue and all down for a month or two". Last year I found out why I lost my happiness and love to the world. So there are certain reasons of my depression:

  1. Weather. I hadn't even had an idea how much the weather influenced on me. And it still actually does. And November and April are pretty foggy times. I always say that I adore foggy weather. But when you have it for 30 days in a row, it really presses you down. Now I understand that I'm fed up with fogs and I need more sunshine. I realize now that living in St. Petersburg wouldn't be such a good decision because our North capital is known with its foggy weather all year round. 
  2. Music. I've always known that music plays a big role in my life. I listen to it every day. If I'm not wearing earphones, be sure that I'm likely to be singing something in my head. And so when the weather is all gray, I don't try to fight it with some positive and energetic tunes but I support it with melancholy and a bit depressing songs. 
  3. "Lonely Hearts Club". I'm a famous Single Lady and, you know, it's not all about the fun, to be honest. Of course, when I chance to listen to my friends' stories about their twisted relationships, I'm glad I don't have to deal with fuck boys. Sometimes I think  Good God just protects me from all that shit and there's someone who'll magically appear when I'm ready for 'one true love'. But you know, there are times you want to have a walk with someone who's more than a friend, send a lovely text to your crush and receive something nice back, embrace a body and a soul you're attached to. "So go on a date!" you might say. I'm bad at it. I don't know how to do it. Literally. I know that I'm pretty, I don't fall into being a complete bitch, but I try not to underestimate myself either. But guys don't run to me asking for my number or going out. And I don't feel confident to come up to a boy and ask him if he's free on a Friday night because once bitten, twice shy, but that's another story. 
  4. Overthinking. Damn it, you overthink too much too many things too, right? Just sum up everything that's written above, multiply it several times, repeat for days, and here you go! Overthinking sucks, but I can't help it. Why doesn't he reply me? What if I do everything wrong? Will I pass the exams? What should I do with my life once I graduate?

And if you're smart enough, you may understand yourself how to avoid that unwanted depression. Unfortunately, I can't control the weather and, as I mentioned, I'm bad with building relationships, but there are some things I do nowadays and I hold on cheerful vibe as long as possible.
  • Positive music. Don't let your own mind bring you down! Turn on the album Born This Way by Lady Gaga instead of the record Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey. BTW, the track Born This Way is one of two songs that are 100% sure to cheer me up. So listen to some good and happy tunes, and you won't notice how you start nodding along. It mustn't be something super-exciting and excited like Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, but something confident and empowering for sure. Consider checking out Zedd's record True Colors if you like club music or Snoop Dogg's latest work Bush if you're into rap.
  • Get busy. DO SOMETHING! Stop staring at the ceiling thinking how great your crush is and how miserable you are and, I don't know, read anything. You'd better get overwhelmed with crazy troubles that fictional characters have than fictional troubles that crazy you don't have. I don't say that we should give up analyzing our lives, it's really useful actually. But btw reading good stuff, especially classics, will help you to solve some life issues and get over them. 
  • Experience new things. Try a parachute jump, explore a new place in your town or go to a bar. It may be not so new, but it always works for me #alcoholicoops. New experiences will distract your mind from thinking about how dull your life is, at least for a short time. And there are big chances to meet someone new there!
Yeah, I realize that there are hundred people, who have written all those things before me, and hundred people, who'll write the same after me, but everyone always adds something original, and maybe I'll save another pity soul, not only mine? I don't say that I strictly follow my all rules and you'll never find me crying in my pillow and discussing about life with my own reflection again. I'm still developing as a person, I still discover myself day by day. So instead of judging, you may just help me.
The title of this post is a line from The Courteeners' song Not Nineteen Forever, I put it in the post about my birthday, I believe. So the song of the day is going to be a very good song All Alright by my beloved guys Fun.! Even they know we all be all alright.

Be brave to hold on

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

L'Édition Française: Ma Vie D’Étudiant

Bonjour !
Je fais mes études à l’Université d’Etât d’Extrême-Orient. Je suis en duxieme année. J’étudie l’anglais, le français et la littérature.
J’habite la cité universitaire. D’habitude je vais à l’université au pied. J’habite avec ma camarade Daria dans la résidence universitaire. Notre piece n’est pas grande, mais assez comfortable. Les murs de sa chambre sont blancs, c'est pourquoi notre piece est claire. Il y a duex tables, duex lets, duex placards avec nos vêtements et deux mebles dans notre chamre.

Notre vue de la fenêtre matin
Il y a des services de ménage. Il n’y a pas de sale de travail dans la résidence universitaire, je fait mes devoirs dans ma chambre.
D’habitude je mange au resto universitaire ou chez moi. Il y a une cuisine collective dans notre résidence universitaire, mais nous prépare notre manger avec le multicuiseur dans notre chambre.
Je travaille le tuteur de l’anglais, je fait cours particuliers. Je travaille le mardi et le vendredi après les cours, c’est pourquoi j’ai assez de temps pour mes études.
Si je ne travaille pas, d’habitude je reste et fait mes devoirs après les cours. Mais j’aime aller au cinéma et la discothèque avec mes amies. Aussi je suis dans la organisation étudiante « STEP », nous apprendons la lange anglaise aux enfants.

C'est moi (à gauche) dans le camp d'enfant comment un moniteur

Thursday, October 22, 2015

I Know You Believe In Me Too

I haven't written silly things for awhile. I've noticed that my recent posts about the accents and the role models turned out to be pretty successful, and it can't fail to be pleasant and motivating! While writing them I might not have done any researches, but I did put much more knowledge in them, more smart thoughts, less unnecessary information. I've been reading various writing tips, so focusing on one theme is one of them. I don't think I'm ready to focus my whole blog on one theme, but I should do for one certain post at least. For example, I did a post about being a role model - it was only about that, nothing else like "Hm, btw also, I bought new jeans a couple of days ago, and the weather isn't so fine, yeah". But I'm aware that I'm about to break this rule right here right now - I do want to put my latest news and little thoughts and emotions and notes here at once. One famous Russian YouTuber Kate Clapp shoots videos every Friday in which she talks about everything that comes to her mind and happens in her life, just many little facile topics she'd like to discuss but that aren't worth a separate video. That's what I want to do too! Yes, I might tell myself not to write about worthless stuff, but I feel the need, I feel eager about that. So haters gonna hate - even the heater inside myself - and I'm gonna do whatever I do in my own freaking blog. Period.

So haters gonna hate - even the heater inside myself - and I'm gonna do whatever I do in my own freaking blog. Period.

Oh yes, you might have noticed that my blog became wider and I have just used that strange quotation feature. One more yes. I don't only develop my writing skills but also experiment with the site itself. I try to make it more readable and more interesting. And not so long ago I found the source of my inspiration - Mark Manson's blog. Mr. Manson puts himself as "Author. Thinker. Life Enthusiast.", and he is indeed. I found him with one of my Facebook friend's sharing, and now I can't help appreciating this blog. I like Manson's style of writing first of all - it's so easy-going and sarcastic from time to time, and still serious enough. He opens subjects I'm interested in such as traveling, the crux of relationships or procrastination. Moreover, Mr. Manson is very attached to his readers and frequently makes us, readers, happy with e-mails with new material or asking about something. The most amazing thing is that the author isn't too busy yet not to answer the letters from his fans. I would answer too, if I was written, though. A long-long time ago I used to do such a tag as VERY INTERESTING BLOG. And I think this paragraph is a very good example. So go, read Mark Manson's blog and learn some lessons!

Yesterday Tatyana and I went to a yoga class held on our campus. We tried one class last year, but we didn't like it. Usually, we practice yoga ourselves with the help of YouTube videos. While the temperature was warm enough, we did yoga outside, now we practice it inside conformably. We do it for our own pleasure only, nobody forced us. My friend and I really find joy in doing yoga, and we can see our bodies change for the better. But of course, we can't be totally sure if we do the poses right, and we always search for new ways of developing our physical skills. That's why yesterday we went to that yoga class - to try something new. And we liked it! First of all, I liked the instructor. Our local yogi was a young man, 3rd-year handsome student, who immediately made a good impression by reaching out his hand to me, as I walked into the room, saying, "Hi, I'm Vanya, what's your name?" No class can be bad with a charming teacher, especially when you came to that class on your own. There were not so many of us: the instructor, 4 other girls, Tatyana and me. The room was all white, and I paid my attention to that right when I came in - white is my favorite color, you know (and red). The practice itself was intense enough for my body to hurt today, and that hasn't happened for awhile. But it means that I had some really nice training. So Tatyana and I agreed on attending that yoga class once a week and be great with it.

I think I never wrote about what I bought myself as present for my birthday! I received a couple of gift cards to my favorite shops from Cherry Lady and Andrew, so I bought the presents on them though I had to pay in excess anyway. So my main purchase turned out to be... the latest Beyonce's fragrance Heat Kissed! The funny thing is that I bought it without even trying it because there was no tester. But when I opened the box and finally smelled the perfume, I loved it! And Cherry Lady loved it too because her own fragrance smells very similar.

Another gift I treated myself with was a plush cat toy, the famous Internet Pusheen the cat! Yes, that's what being 29 is like - you buy luxurious perfumes and plush toys. So, talking about Pusheen, I'm so into this character! I enjoy scrolling the pictures - isn't it funny and cute? And when I opened the official online store, I was shocked - so many items with Pusheen the cat! But I'm not sure if my cat toy is an official one. And, by the way, to defense myself, this Pusheen in my only plush toy in the dormitory. Now I can't help joking about me being a cat lady. Not so funny, tbh, you know.

Cherry Lady took a photo of embarrassingly
happy me with my new toy
AND to finish this amusing post (and to let me finish my homework, frankly speaking) I feel like sharing the song of the day. Let it be... 3 songs! Because I haven't put any songs for some time and I'm known to always have something to listen to. My recent discovery is a bilingual track by the Australian singer Josef Salvat called Open Season (Une Autre Saison). I've known this singer before, I still like his song Hustler. But Open Season is much more positive, though. This song has the English-only version, but I like this English-French mix. Sometimes you can't even tell when Josef changes the languages, the track sounds so good. And the title of this post is one of this song's lines! Check it out!

Another choice is Papercut by Zedd featuring Troy Sivan. I heard this song on the plane to LA while listening to the whole Zedd's album True Colors, so I associate Papercut as well as all the other songs from the record with the city of angels and my great travel.

Not a fan of club music? I've got something for you too. The last song is going to be a slow, melancholic track Over You by Ingrid Michaelson featuring A Great Big World. It's so beautiful and sad at the same time. And I say no more.

Be brave

Monday, October 19, 2015

Role Model

The generation of my parents wanted to become cosmonauts, doctors, constructors. My generation wanted (or still wants) to become lawyers, psychologists, designers. I remember I wanted to become a psychologist too when I was about... 10 years old. Then when I first visited St. Petersburg, I came up with the idea of becoming a journalist, and it was a serious wish (I really prepared for the faculty of journalism) that lasted till... my second trip to St. Petersburg. Yeah, our North capital proved to be my turning point. Now I barely have an idea about my future in the meaning of profession. 
Well, yes, I say that I want to be a writer. But I know that I won't just sit down, easily write something and money will immediately start pouring on me. 
I'm sure to have the Master's degree after the Bachelor's one. I want to study for the Master's degree in another city, somewhere else; probably try St. Petersburg one more time. But lately I've started thinking about taking a break after finishing FEFU. Why? I don't know. To save money or to spend it, have some life? It's only my second year here, though, my choices and decisions can change. Also, I don't forget about my tutor's suggestion for me to get a degree in English somewhere abroad to become a professional English speaker/teacher/person. Still I'll need money for that.
I know I'll be able to earn some money giving private lessons. Moreover, I enjoy the work, though its existence depends on other people. Although I haven't tried it yet, but I guess working at school will make an office plankton out of me. I know every job can be a creative one, especially teaching, but I also imagine the amount of paperwork a teacher has, so I really doubt it. Of course, I'll have my school practice at the 4th year of university, so we'll see about everything. 
Translating things? I think I just need to try that even now. Just find some spare time, a little piece of a good material and try to make something decent of it. It'll be good as for my English so for my Russian. And it'll improve my writing skills, so I should just try it.
All in all, I'm a typical student now - too many plans, too little certainty. But I am certain in one thing. I know that no matter what I will do for a living, I want to be a role model. I wanna be a good role model for my little nieces firstly, for my future children, for people around me if they're interested. I want to be interesting for people. This idea came to me when I was told that my first cousin once removed had said "I want to attend a music school like Olga!" It made me feel so proud of myself. Some human being wanted to do something like me, and that human being was my relative. And I know that my elder sister's daughters really like me. I want them to look at me not only like someone who appears once in 6 months and is known to be their aunt but at someone who knows many fascinating stories, who knows how to behave, how to deal with the life. Of course, the main role models in their life are their parents, but there's always someone we think of as well when we make decisions or when we think about decent people in our lives, who influence our lives.
From the left: my mom, me with my gold medal for excellent
school education, and my Godmother
The person who influences my life this way is my Godmother. We don't meet too often, but if we have a chance I try to visit her with my mother (my mother and Godmother are kinda colleagues). I like to listen to my Godmother's stories, some life hacks, how she spent her latest vacation, where she has been and what she has seen. She also says that she always thinks of me, and it warms my heart.
Also, I sympathize our this-semester literature professor. She reminds me of my Godmother, they're like the same type of a person. You know, when you meet somebody, and (s)he resembles someone else you know in looks, in characters, etc. So I like how our literature professor treats us, how she presents her lectures. I watch her with my eyes open wide, follow the way she speaks and shows her attitude to various things, and I definitely see some of my Godmother's features. So I treat our literature professor as my university Godmother. These two women are my role models (after my own mother, of course). 
So what do I mean by being a role model? In my opinion, a role model
  1. knows how to present him/herself. The way you walk, the way you talk shows so much about you. You are sure to know people who enchant everyone around only stepping in the room. They may not be famous or stereotypically attractive but you want to know them, you want to be around them.
  2. knows the values of life. Money doesn't matter, the fullness of life does. Role models have some great experience you want to know and they will to share. 
  3. motivates you without even knowing about it. When you see your role model or talk to him or her, you unconsciously wants to become better, to evolve and improve.
I don't mean role models are to be worshipped like cult figure and you should copy their appearance and moves. But I think it's good to have someone to look at in real life. Because of course we have idols - you all are aware of my love to Beyonce, but I don't consider her as my role model: I haven't meet Beyonce in person, I've never talked to her, never heard her life stories face-to-face. But once I do, Queen B will certainly be on my list.
So yes, this is what I want for sure. I want to be good. I want to provide my nieces and children and other people with the energy to motivate them to be better. I want to tell them my story, I want them to see the life from my point of view, want them to know what is right and what is wrong. I want them to know that "nothing is impossible. Don't let your dreams be dreams! JUST DO IT!" and so on. I want to be a role model.

Monday, October 12, 2015

B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West Berlin 1979-1989

As I wrote in my previous post, Tatyana and I attended the Beat Film Festival the last week.
According to their official cite, The Beat Film Festival is an international festival of documentaries on arts and music that showcases 25 new titles every year and brings together independent filmmakers, musicians and contemporary artists in an exciting program of film screenings, concerts, talks and performances. Founded in 2010 as an independent cultural initiative, it has grown to be the largest film & music event across Russia. Since 2013 the festival also has a regional extension: under the name of the Beat Weekend the festival brings five key titles from the festival program to 10 largest cities across Russia in the Fall – providing alternative theatrical distribution opportunities to strong Russian and international documentary titles. (
Originally Tantyana bought tickets for almost all the movies shown in our cinema. She wanted Anton to go to "B-Movie..." with her, but he worked that day. And I didn't! Fortunately, "B-Movie..." was the film I liked the most from the list, so yeah, we were truly lucky.
"B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West Berlin 1979-1989" is a documentary shot in West Berlin by a Manchester guy Mark Reeder. I had known nothing about Mark Reeder before I watched the film, or about Nick Cave who appeared in the tape. "B-Movie" was apparently shot those time, I mean 1979-1989, right before the Iron Curtain fell and the Berlin Wall was destroyed; Mark Reeder introduces his work as sort of a diary. I wonder if he knew he would create a documentary when he moved to West Berlin. But somehow the film was debuted at the Berlinale 2015.
Our lovely Wikipedia says that "a spectacular documentary film about the island of West Berlin during the 80s viewed by protagonist Mark Reeder. Using original music and featuring rare and unseen footage with participants such as Gudrun Gut, Blixa Bargeld or Nick Cave, it portrays the vibrant avant-garde music scene of the city in its last decade of division. Reeder composed the soundtrack and remastered the songs." One thing that amuses me the most is that "B-Movie..." doesn't have its own Wiki-page in English, though Mark Reeder reads the main text in his utter British accent. Maybe, he did versions both in English and in German? There's some information about it on IMDb, but still not so much. Well, it's such a typical festival movie - you don't hear about it, but once you watch it, you wonder why haven't you heard about it.
Mark Reeder himself
A documentary isn't the kind of film I'd go to the cinema for. If I randomly run into a documentary on TV and it catches my attention, I probably keep it on; I don't usually go to the cinema for that. But here I was invited, and it was a festival, so I couldn't skip it.
Music described and used in the movie is also not my type either. It was all about electronica, post-punk and trans, but I can't say I shut my ears with my hands. It was an experience, I'd never listened to such music so properly before. Nevertheless, Tatyana and I chanced to discover one song we both liked, and it's on my playlist. So I'll make it the song of the day in the end.
And that lifestyle West Berlin 80's isn't my thing at all! So rageful, so raving, flashy! Sex, drugs, rock'n'roll - there it was. Tatyana asked me if I'd like to live in those years, but I doubted if I would survive. Nowadays one can also easily find a company offering drugs, alcohol and one-night affairs, and I try not to face those guys. But what if I was brought up in that decade, in that city? How would I act?

Nevertheless I enjoyed the film, it's really impressive. Everyone who's interested in music, or in history, in German culture should definitely check it out.

Actually, a B movie is a low-budget commercial motion picture that is not an arthouse film. Well, I think it fits "B-Movie...". Also the title couldn't but remind me and all my friends about the DreamWorks animated movie "Bee Movie".
I promised you the song of the day that I heard in the tape. I've just learnt that the song wasn't created in 80's, it was released in 2013! Anyhow it was used in "B-Movie...", and it fitted very well. So the song is "You Need The Drugs" by Westbam Feat. Richard Butler.

Some Sunday morning see you
Picking up the fine
Ticking down the last time
Before the credits run
A traffic is a moving ...moving awful slow
To the sound of you complaining
We got nowhere left to go

You need the drugs to make the stars come down
You need the drugs to make you shine
You need the pills to take you home again
Don't be so ladida, so ladida
You need the drugs

You need the drugs to make the stars come down
You need the drugs to make you shine
You need the pills to take you home again
Don't be so ladida, so ladida
You need the drugs

All of your tomorrows are a dream I never had
Everything is broken, everything unsaid
But I see all your shadows running
Circles at my feet
And you're making all the promises that
No one never keeps

You need the drugs to make the stars come down
You need the drugs to make you shine
You need the pills to take you home again
Don't be so ladida, so ladida
You need the drugs.

Be brave

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