Saturday, October 18, 2014


I promised to describe my awesome birthday week, and here I go!
My birthday for myself actually started on its eve. Here at the university we had a big students initiation for all the freshers on the 3rd of October. As I already described in the previous post, we listened to the speech of our cool rector, swore with a strange students' vow and DANCED! Though I stood near my group mates, who rocked out as crazy, but I was accompanied by Kirill, who had told me beforehand he didn't dance, so in the beginning I hid my amazing ability to rock the floor. But then we all couldn't refuse the energy of our guys (especially of our course leader, he was the most awesome), so even all not-dancers shook their bodies with us. I called this marvelous mess a 'pre-party'. Then Kirill and I went for a walk at our beautiful campus sea-front, and we wandered long enough to... meet my 18th birthday sitting on the bench.
When I returned to the dormitory, a cute surprise was waiting for me. Cherry Lady had created a real celebration for me, while I was out, with the balloons made of plastic bags, a birthday cake with a candle, which actually were a simple jam roll and a plastic fork. My friend moved our dining table in the center of the room, so it felt even more celebrating. It was so unexpected and nice, I couldn't help smiling. Nevertheless, my friend's presents were real enough! She gave me an awesome cat-muzzle purse, a pair of earrings with the pictures of a cat too, aaaaaaaand a TARDIS pendant!! The very pendant I'd wanted, and I'd never told anyone about that! Pure mind-connection!

The most exciting present I received after my classes on my birthday. My parents came to me! They came to Vladivostok for a week to spend it with me, and also my mother would pass some her doctor stuff the next weekend. My uncle brought my parents right at my campus, so I showed them the territory, and as long as my mother had already seen it with me in August, my dad was shocked. He'd never visited anything like that on our island, so he was absolutely satisfied with the place where I studied. Then I grabbed some things and we went to the city. There a splendid restaurant I'd already chosen in August was waiting for us to come. I'd already known the food would be the most delicious and the waiter was the coolest one. And I'd also already known about the surprise the waiters would present me - they sang a part of one Russian birthday song and granted me a dessert with a candle on it (a real one this time). It was so gorgeous! My company was made of my parents, my uncle and aunt and their younger daughter (and our waiter, of course, such a cutie). Everyone liked what we ordered, we ate everything, and I had the most excellent time with my parents and the people who mean a lot for my life nowadays.

The next point on my party week was going out to the bar with my group mates. It turned out to be two bars in the end, but let me tell you everything in a row. The first bar had a fancy name "BarBar", and in the beginning there were 10 of us (generally there are 17 people in our group) with only one boy among the girls, and the boy wasn't our course leader Anton, it was Zhenya, who was and still is unlucky for us to be the most annoying person in the world (even my elder sister is nicer comparing with him). In "BarBar" I decided to taste the cocktails I'd only heard of before, so then it was my chance to try famous drinks. Here's my list: Cosmopoliten, Tequila Sunrise, Sex On The Beach and Long Island Iced Tea. Yeah, I'd already drunk Long Island, but I had liked it and my girls were about to taste that famous cocktail, so blah blah blah all that jazz...

"Shoot me like Carrie Bradshaw!"

Then half a group went home and another half, including me, headed to the bar called "Kill Fish". And it was really such a killing place!! Keep in mind that we all had been already drunk, and it was funny from the start. The bar had its original cocktails, namely I drank the Irish Rose (a really rough one), Sex With The Captain (a variant of Sex On The Beach, I suppose). Our barman was a very funny bloke, even being drunk as hell I had power to appreciate that. When I ordered 2 Sexes With The Captain for me and my friend, he yelled to the door: "CAPTAAAAIN! THE CAPTAIN'S ASSISTAAAAANT!" That was so hilarious! And when I came to the bar counter to get our cocktails, they weren't ready yet; but as I've said the barman was the right guy. He was about to shake four cocktails, so when I came up, he gave me two of them and asked to shake along with him. He even turned kinda a makarena song on, so we danced with the glasses together. I still can't get through how he trusted me to do anything while I was so drunk?! But indeed, I didn't break anything that night, though it might seem strange for celebrating my birthday :D
But no matter how awesome I felt then, "Kill Fish" was too superfluous for me. Looking back, we all, who went to the second bar, decided next time we'll go straight ahead to "Kill Fish" to feel fine not only during the party, but after it too. STILL IT WAS AMAZING!! And there's no decent photo I would share with you.
The next day, as Tuesday was my day-off, I braced up and went shopping with my mom. Still feeling a bit hungover, I tried to be strong without showing what a fabulous night I had. Though I was near to fall asleep while Mom tried some clothes on in another boutique, in the evening we had a good dinner together with Dad.
As I mentioned before, everyday after the classes I hooked up with my parents (usually with Mom only, because Dad wasn't a fan of walking around Vladivostok with its hills) and spent time with them till the very evening. Until the next weekend came.
The party closing my unbelievable celebration was held at the weekend October, 11-12. Cherry Lady, Rodion, Kirill and I wanted to visit "Drujba", but there was too crowded, so we went to the first bar on our way, it turned out to be "Chkalov", dedicated to the aviation. It was fantastic with wine for the girls and beer for the boys in the beginning and tequila for everyone in the end. Time to time we went out to breathe in some fresh air, and due to the alcohol in our blood the night didn't seem to be the October one. When we were back at our campus, Cherry Lady and I managed to get the boys to our room, so no security saw us. We were so lucky! The party continued at our place, though we didn't drink anything else. And I'm gonna abruptly stop my description of that night here, because there's nothing else I would tell here.

The next morning my Mom called me saying my uncle and aunt wanted to show us some beautiful places on the Russky island and then we would have a cozy dinner at their place on the island. I summoned my strength once again, but I must admit I wasn't that hungover that time. Our friends showed us beautiful places of interest, then we got to the house. There was a fireplace in their flat, so we cooked meat right on an open fire. It was so marvelous! It was our so-called 'farewell banquet', because my parents was leaving for my hometown the next day.

The uncle Alik (in the blue T-shirt) and my Dad

This is how I spent my last week celebrating, probably, the most exciting age of one's life in Russia. The next date is going to be my 21. And yes, I still keep in mind my dream of coming in Las Vegas on turning 21.
The song of that week, let it be "***Flawless (Remix)" by Beyonce feat. Nicky Minaj, because that week was literally FLAWLESS. To tell the truth, I'm in love with that version of "***Flawless", I adore Bey's verse, can't even choose my fav line, so freakum sexy!! The video is a live performance from her latest concert in Paris.

Do, do, do, do, do, do
(Coming down, dripping candy on the ground)

It stay Yoncé, your Yoncé in that lingerie
On that chardonnay, it's gonna touch down like a runway
I'm Texas forever like Bun B, and I'm redboned yo
I'm really rit like Donjae, I'm camo in here yo
These thots can't clock me nowadays
You wish I was your pound cake
Boy you know I look good as fuck
You wish I was your babymomma
Want me to come around and give you good karma, but no
We escalate, up in this bitch like elevators
Of course sometimes shit go down
When it's a billion dollars on an elevator
Of course sometimes shit go down
When it's a billion dollars on an elevator
(Ha, ha, God damn, God damn, God damn)

Momma taught me good home training
My Daddy taught me how to love my haters
My sister told me I should speak my mind
My man made me feel so God damn fine (I'm flawless!)

You wake up, flawless
Post up, flawless
Ridin' round in it, flawless
Flossin' on that, flawless
This diamond, flawless
My diamond, flawless
This rock, flawless
My Roc, flawless
I woke up like this, I woke up like this
We flawless, ladies tell 'em
I woke up like this, I woke up like this
We flawless, ladies tell 'em
Say "I look so good tonight"
God damn, God damn
Say "I look so good tonight"
God damn, God damn, God damn

I wake up looking this good
And I wouldn’t change it if I could
(If I could, if I, if I, could)
And you can say what you want
I’m the shit (what you want I’m the shit)
I’m the shit, I’m the shit, I’m the shit
I want everyone to feel like this, tonight
God damn, God damn, God damn

[Nicki Minaj:]
Looking Trinidadian, Japanese and Indian
Got Malaysian, got that yaki, that wavy Brazilian

(Them bitches thirsty, I’m Hungarian
Nicki, Bey, be eatin’ diamond fangs, barbarian, ah)

[Nicki Minaj:]
Yo, like MJ doctor, they killing me
Propofol, I know they hope I fall
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These bitches washed up and ain’t no fuckin’ soap involved, uh
It's every hood nigga dream, fantasizing about Nicki and Bey
Curvalicious, pussy served delicious
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Instagram another flawless pic
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Princess cut diamonds on my Disney
He want monster Nicki in Sri Lanka
I told ‘em meet me at the trump, Ivanka
I said come here let me show you how this cookie tastes
This that yeah, nigga, eat the cookie face

(Roc, Roc, Roc)

Be brave. Be flawless.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Living La Dolce Vita

Once again I'm ready to type the whole post with the Caps Lock on, because there are so many things to write about, and I don't remember a sht. Fortunately, I've been clever enough to publish something on Facebook, so you (those, who know about my Facebook) got some info about my amazing life, and I will have some help remembering all my events now. Of course, I wouldn't survive without Instagram, thank you, dear.
First of all, why haven't I written for so long? It's such a crazy story. In the middle of September Cherry Lady and I noticed that people started moving out from our super hotel. When we finally decided to figure that stuff out, we learnt that it wasn't one's free will to change places of living, but top brass ordered everyone to leave the hotels. We also found out that we had been moved to the furthest dormitory on the other side of the campus (as my uncle said later "You go from one extreme to the other"), so it was a hard time for us. Thankfully, we got a couple of boys to help us with carrying our luggage. AND I HAD A LOT! Now I've got an unbelievable dream to own as less clothes as I can. So, in the beginning my dear friend and I were settled in different rooms, and it was something like "WHAA?", but soon enough we handled to get together, though our room now is actually two big rooms with four beds, three tables, and we have to pay more for all that jazz. But it's pretty AWESOME, because we easily have guests here, dance in the middle of the room in the middle of the night and sleep like one person on two beds. By the way, today it's been exactly a month since we moved here, in the 11th dormitory.

The photo was taken when we'd just stepped into our new place.
Now things are kinda different.
And the view out of the window

The next nice thing appearing in my head is the first American football match. Our friend Rodion took a part in it, and Cherry Lady and I, the most unsporty girls ever, came there just to cheer him up. But now it's cool enough telling someone that I visited the American football game (moreover, out team won).

It was freaking rainy in the beginning, but when the actual game started,
the weather turned pretty fine

The cheerleaders sucked, honestly

Another big event was our students' initiation, of course. Frankly speaking, we had two initiation: one was held only for our School and another was for all the freshers. At our School initiation we listened to "Gaudeamus", senior students and every group of freshers showed some funny things. Every, except us, certainly. We rocked out from our seats, the audience would be too boring without us. The common initiation was held in a big gym, the directors of each School visited it, our rector made a speech. Then there was a quite weird sudents' vow and a PARTY! Again we rocked out as only we could; our group mates turned out to be as freaky dancers as Cherry Lady and I were. Then Kirill, a new person in my surroundings, had a night walk at the sea-front, and that was how I met my birthday. But I'll give THAT INCREDIBLE EVENT an individual post.

Some guys from my group (our course leader at the left, BTW)

Generally, I seem to have got used to living in the dormitory. Of course, our place still can't be compared with the dormitories of my friends from the other cities. I visit the main land approximately once a week, usually on Sunday, where Rodion, Cherry Lady and I buy something we need and toss a glass of something in the bar. We've already found our favourite place, it's a bar called "Drujba" ("Friendship") themed as a deeply Soviet thing. Awesome!

A bit of Vladivostok.

Also I received a giant present from my parents for my birthday - they arrived to me for a week! Well, they've already left, and I'll describe what I've done with them in my birthday post, but this is it.
Once again I think I write a little and put a lot of photos, but the situation would be different if I wrote what I wanted in a proper time.
I'm not the only person who's back this week. Adorable Marina And The Diamonds released A NEW SONG not so long ago. I fell for that song from the first listening (you know, it may be strange for me), the track is absolutely what I've been waiting for. So let it be the song of the day!! Marina And The Diamonds - FROOT:

Be brave! Mommy's here ♥

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The First Of Everything

As I wrote in the previous post, I'm already living on the Russky island. And so let me tell you how i goes.
The view from our window
in the middle of the night
This year there are so many first-year students in the FEFU, so the university had to reorganize their almost-all-stars hotels into the dormitories for mortal students. Well, let me explain. FEFU has 3 types of place to live: I type is 5 hotels for cool guests of the university; II type is 3 big dormitories (the buildings are separated into 6.1 and 6.2 for example) for students similar to the hotels, but a bit simpler; III type is 3 dormitories for students, but the buildings are different from the others and are situated on the other side of the campus. As I said, the administration of the FEFU decided to turn super hotels into simple dormitories. And I was sent to one of these super-cool hotels! I still can't call it a dormitory. Other students and security say: "Oh, building 5? Luxury!" But all the glamour has the other side. First of all, Cherry Lady and I were located in the most remote hotel from the main canter and our academic building. Secondary, there is no kitchen and no laundry in the hotel; but they say everything will have been set and done by the end of September or the autumn in general, but who knows? But on the other hand, there are some advantages. The first one is the most beautiful view out of the window. The next one, we have an air conditioner in our room while students from other dormitories can only dream of it. Moreover, we can deal with the distance between the buildings because there are some buses taking students in two directions for free.
One thing I'm not really fond of is buses to the main land. You have to wait for long to get on a bus, and then you'll take a fabulous half-an-hour ride flattened by the crowd of the martyrs like you.
But comparing our room and our campus to the rooms and the dormitories of my friends from other cities, I have no rights to complain. Even the whole atmosphere of the campus make me feel like in the American college comedy.
What about the very 1st of September, so it was pretty uncertain for me. For the first time I didn't feel that excitement on that day, it was like an ordinary day, and it confused me, because it was my first damn day as a real fresh student at university. Well, we didn't study that day: we had a big meeting of our faculty (in the FEFU it's called schools, my school's called School of Regional and International Studies), then we divided into groups, and our one included different linguists and us - philologists of foreign languages. We went to a big auditorium where we were given some necessary information. Also we were presented languages we'd able to learn (except English): German, Spanish and French. I don't know what language I'll choose, because I'm interested in all of them. Spanish and German are taught by native speakers, studying each of the languages let one's visit the country of the language.
After all the speeches we filled in some forms... and it took some time. It took enough time to miss the main speech of out rector! I've seen him only on the photos! So pity! Still, it's not over with all documents. On dealing with the papers Cherry Lady and I went to the canteen to dine and then we were back in our hotel to rest. In the evening things were more interesting: we watched our fellow Rodion (Rodioff) training to become a part of the American football team (still I don't know if he's admitted or not), and later we headed to the party dedicated to the freshmen. It was really wild! Later on I read somewhere that some people didn't like the music at the party, said the party was dull, but Cherry Lady and I really enjoyed the event. Our legs still hurt after our unstoppable dances. Well, we were stoppable when one drunk guy wanted to get me to dance with him, and I was like "DASHA SAVE ME HE STICKS TO ME!" But everything ended up well without any harassing things.
A fine thing is that today (2.09.2014) we didn't study. All our group of linguists and foreign philologists don't have any classes on Tuesdays according to today's schedule. Awesome! But tomorrow we'll have history for the first class and PE as the third, I suppose. But also we'll have the English class. Generally, you'd better wait for my reaction, maybe everything is going to be cool?
As long as we had a day off today, my girl and I went to the city to buy some household things. And I guess that's nothing more to describe.
As I promised, the song of the day on the 1st (okay, the 2nd) day of September will be "Blame It On September" - let's follow the tradition.

Be brave to study!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Way Of Losing Weight

Once again I was pretty lazy to write the whole post at home in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, so I'm finishing it already in Vladivostok. But I won't change the date, so even if I started the post on the 17th of August and am finishing it today, let it be so. Here we go!

Part One and Only

August, 16th was the day of my arrival back on Sakhalin, but power and inspiration to write have poured on me only now.
Shortly, the travel was... ok. As I told you or not, my mom and I spent a week in Vladivostok and a week (8 days, to me more accurate) in Khabarovsk. The time in Vladivostok was brilliant! We ate in a gorgeous pan-Asian restaurant, took a ride on uncle Alik's speed-boat, had a walk around FEFU's campus, did a lot of shopping - in general, we did everything I like! The weather was HOTHOTHOT, but we didn't suffer too much, because my mom and I were taken everywhere by cars, and at the same time that's the reason I didn't manage to remember the city well. But, you know, I'll have the entire 4 years for that. So here's some amazing and not that fabulous photos I took in Vladivostok:

Isn't it awesome?
The main street of Vladivostok, or so
My face MY FACE 
Here come the photos of my university. Actually, I'd never believe we can have something like that in Russia. The FEFU buildings are so stylish and modern, I can't help waiting to get into all of them! Of course, my mom and I came in the main center to hand my original documents over, but it was the least part of what I could see. But nevertheless it impressed me so much, I'm thrilled to know what else FEFU hides.

I guess, you can easily tell the main center from the other stuff
My company and I wondered what this dragon meant.
It could be the symbol of the university or just the mnemonic
of a significant year for the organization. Mom said to find out
I even chanced to ride a scooter on the campus!
My company, the scooter and I
Mom and I glow in the Sun rays
The famous Russky bridge connecting Vladivostok and
the Russky island where FEFU is situated

The next photos were taken during the day of riding the speed-boat. After that day we also had some wonderful time in Vladivostok, but they don't show my vision of Vladivostok. To my mind, Vladivostok is bays, waves, sea breeze, ships, speed-boats, All-Russian Children Center “Ocean” and also my university since now. The only exception is going to be a photo of my at the lotus lake. It's simply beautiful. BTW, I saw real lotuses for the first time, it was incredible.

Lately I've understood I really love water transport. Naval ships, speed-boats, simple little boats and huge liner ships excite me. Even though I haven't taken trips by all of them yet (some will always be closed for me), but anyhow ships of all kinds enchant me.

Here come the lotuses

The next step of my story is Khabarovsk. My mom and I got there on plane in the morning of August, 8th, and while mom was sleeping I took a walk with Dasha. During the whole time in Khabarovsk I hooked up with some friends from my American trip and met a couple of mom's old friend. I must have told you that my mother studied in the university in Khabarovsk, so she's got a lot of acquaintances there. But due to the fact that I was there for the 3rd time, I didn't take a lot of photos there. Most of them were just selfies with my friends for Instagram.

The Lenina square 
My winning photo in front of TonyMoly brand shop. I hope
there's one in Vladivostok too
Me and Vicka
Me and Christina. But Vicka, Christina and I didn't chance
to meet up all together

Dasha and I
Our plane home
The midnight city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

~~~~~~~~~Time of awesome stories~~~~~~~~ 
When I met up with Christina after her work, she suggested eating. We went to the cafe, she chose the Ceaser salad and tea for the both of us. Due to having already eaten, I decided to take a simple dessert called "Fitness". On reading the products for that dessert (vanilla quarg, muesli and something else) she asked me: "Will you really eat it???" After her repeating that several times, I gave in and chose a cheesecake. And in my opinion, that damn unwanted cheesecake was the reason I'd felt so terrible for the rest of the trip. I couldn't eat anything except water and rice, my stomach hurt, that was the worst days ever! Of course, after three days when I ate only water and rice, I've lost enough weight to name my post like that.
On coming home I had to do lots of things: I had to prepare all the health certificates, meet with my friends and relatives I left in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and also say goodbye to them who was also going to move somewhere. My parents and I went to one of the most expensive cafes of our city. Well, basically it's a restaurant, but it's called "Cafe No.1". And it was delicious! It definitely cost what we paid for it. 
But today (31.08.2014) I've already on the Russky island for the 4th day, but you should wait till the next post for more details.
The song of the... period will be "I Am A Pirate, You're A Princess"  by the band "PlayRadioPlay!" (now the band's called "Analog Region"). I've found this song in a fan-video for "Once Upon A Time", and fell for it. Enjoy!

Be brave! Be nice!:D

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