Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Ninth Of Victory

Every Victory Day I write some inspiring sentences about the WWII, but today I've spent absolutely different 9th of May. Usually on that day I woke up, went to a concert, then had a walk with Dasha, after that I were back home writing a post. But today I woke up and... I had no concert to go to. I went to the picnic with Cherry Lady and Andrew. Well, we just crossed the boarders of our campus, walked for about 5 minutes and found a gorgeous place just for a nice picnic! We put up a fire, cooked sausages on it and had fun. The view was simply amazing!

After the picnic I thought I would spend the rest of the day at home with my laptop, but no - Megan from my student organisation wrote me and asked if I wanted to have a walk with her. I was like "Why not?!" I quickly changed my clothes which smelled like smoke and headed to the city. When we met and went to the next spot, we met several people from our student organisation! So crazy!  Also we saw some street performances due to the Victory Day. Then we went to the cafe and it was the end of our little meeting. Thankfully the day was warm and no wind prevented us from having a good time.
Generally my life goes well. The next week I'll have the first exam (theoretical one) for becoming a teacher (or a leader) in a camp. I think I'll do fine with this one. But in the end of May we'll have a practice examination, and I'm really anxious about it. Also I've learn that there's a boy in our student organisation who came from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk too. Moreover, we live in the same district there! Err, as you can see, now my life is almost all about the student organisation. 
My main education is fine, I hope I'll manage to pass the most of exams automatically as I did the last semester. My work as a tutor is good as well. I'll stop teaching my girl in the end of May, and I'll keep on teaching my boy in June until my work in the camp starts.
I bought a bright pink chalk for hair. It's amazing! It's easy to put on and it washes away with the first shower you take. Or the second. I love it so much! Reminds me of the days with the American hair dye. Absolute like!

As long as I didn't write about my student organisation's training, I feel bound to publish a couple of photos at least.

Our little group (one boy missing though)
The whooooole squad

Be brave to win

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

To My Huckleberry Friends

Moon River, wider than a mile,
I'm crossing you in style some day.
Audrey Hepburn – Moon River

My student life is full of events: we have a lot of work for literary science, but we have missed many French lessons because our teacher was ill. Anyhow I try to catch up on French myself. I think I must remember how enthusiastic I was when I studied English with my beloved tutor.
My work as an English tutor goes well. I keep on teaching a boy, 9, and a girl, 10, and they turned out to be cousins of each other.
Finally *drums drums drums* I bought contact lenses!!! Now I can see so well without nose irritation. Now I see faces of strangers passing by and looking at me. And now if I see a familiar face in the crowd, I'll coldly walk on by on purpose, not because I can't identify a person due to my bad vision. Now the world is so clear! Well, it's also because the weather is quite good. And not just 'quite good', it's excellent! It's almost summer here as long as it's almost winter in my hometown. Well, views of our campus may not seem so happy, but it feels happy indeed.

Recently Tatyana and I have started practicing yoga. It's way more relaxing than fast and furious moves of aerobics. So while doing yoga, we stretch our bodies, obtain balance and - probably the most important - relax. Dealing so many problems and obstacles during the week, we need this hour of heaven on the floor. Usually we just turn on a random yoga video on YouTube and enjoy. Unfortunately, we don't meet as often as we'd like, but at least once a week we find an hour for yoga. Maybe, when it's totally warm outside, we'll practice outside. It would be even more healthier, funnier and we wouldn't have to look for the days, when my roommate leave the room. Of course, Tanya and I aren't professional yoginis. We exercise for joy and pleasure, as any exercise should be done. I'd wanted to try yoga for a long time, watched my momma doing it, and I'm so glad I tried it myself. Today I've also asked my mother to send me her yoga guide-book with colourful pictures and detailed instructions. I believe this book will provide some good information for me. The main aim is to follow instructions about breath and concentration control.
Soon enough my education in the student organisation will finish with the exams, and I'll become a camp leader with the certification! I can't deny that working with about 20 little devils scares me a bit, but I'm sure I'll handle it.
But before I work in the summer camp, we'll finish our first academic year at university. I still can't believe that time flies away so fast! You cannot even imagine how fast the other three years will pass. Talking about it, I'm so eager to know what's ahead waiting for me. I've already planned my whole summer and sometimes think about the next one. Some days ago Anton and I found an advertisement inviting to go to France with a group to learn French in Cannes or Nice. It showed the price of 1600 euros, and it didn't include any plane tickets and visa things. 1600 euros only for education, accommodation and excursions. I decided it was too expensive, and if I wanted to go to France, I would go there alone then. But going to France means having headache with visa. Lately I've been considering about saving for a Moroccan trip (after the USA, of course).
Reading my epigraph, you might have understood that I *finally* watched "Breakfast at Tiffany's". When I watched it, I was literally shocked for a couple of days after it. I believed in true love again, my inner girly girl woke up and cried not just a river, but the whole ocean over the story. The cruellest scene of the movie for me was when the main character Holly made her cat go out of the taxi in the pouring rain, and I was like: "You, how can you?! A cruel thing!!" It's the only thing that spoils my thoughts on Holly Golightly. And when she found it, it felt like it was me who found the cat, like I myself did a mistake and corrected it. It only means that the actors did the great job, awesome.
And the song of the day will be "Moon River" by marvellous Audrey Hepburn. The song perfectly describes how I feel and what I think, so let it be. This simple song won an Oscar, by the way.

Moon River, wider than a mile,
I'm crossing you in style some day.
Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker,
wherever you're going I'm going your way.
Two drifters off to see the world.
There's such a lot of world to see.
We're after the same rainbow's end
waiting 'round the bend,
my huckleberry friend,
Moon River and me.

Be brave

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hypnotic? Prosaic.

Not so long ago a muse came down to me, and I decided to form my writing thoughts. I caught myself thinking that I create a lot of things while I'm on my way to the city or back home, so I shouldn't let them die in the universe, I'd better save them in my phone at least. So maybe it will work? That's why I've just launched a side project. If all goes well, I'll inform you here. But if you're good with Google+, you may find it yourself.
The spring has finally come to our place, and I can't help enjoying sunny beams. Even though the last two days were harshly windy, I willingly assure you it's not fatal. Vladivostok is known to be a city of winds, so we all have to put up with that fact here.

BTW, fogs are a usual thing in the morning now.
Last week I got a call from mama telling me that I had received a parcel back in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk from... Hong Kong! Suffice it to say that emotions overwhelmed me - I hadn't received any mail via post office in years, and I had never done that internationally! I guessed pretty quickly that the parcel was from my pen-friend Gwen. Due to my request my mom opened the package and sent me the photos of what was inside. There was a letter congratulating me on the Chinese New Year and a couple of cute souvenirs. That was so adorable! I can't wait to send something Russian to her!

Our group mentor downloaded me Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond the Earth. It's amazing! Although my mind blows up every time I play it, because I haven't got used to the flashing colourful graphics and all these extraterrestrial things yet, but I definitely love it!
Approximately a week ago or so my neighbor and I finished watching "Hannah Montana" started watching "The Nanny" - an American series from the 90's. You see, we decided to dive deep into the classics of the series.
My student organization studying goes quite well, though I can't tell I'm a brilliant student in that field. 
There are nearly all news I've wanted to share with you. Well, tomorrow I'll go shopping and have one English lesson with the boy.
The song of the day will be the song Dasha sent me a couple of days ago, but I have already fallen for it - "Hypnotic" by Vanic X Zella Day.

Be brave

Saturday, March 14, 2015

La Français Édition: Début

Bonjour! Je m'appelle Olga et je suis le jaune blogueur. J'habite Vladivostok, mais cette ville n'est pas ma ville natale. Ioujno-Sakhalinsk est ma ville natale. J'ai 18 ans et je suis étudiante. Je demeure avec m'amie, elle s'appelle Daria. Elle fait ses études à l'université avec moi, elle's 19 ans. J'ai encore un'amie chérie, et elle's appelle Daria aussi, elle a 18 ans. Elle habite Khabarovsk à présent et y fait ses études à l'université.
Mon père est conducteur et ma mère est médecin, ils habitent Ioujno-Sakhalinsk et vivent en communauté. J'ai une sœur aînée, elle s'appelle Ioulia. Elle est mariée et a deux filles. Ma sœur habite Taranaj avec sa famille.
Je travaille et je suis répéteur de l'anglaise.
Merci de votre attention!
Au revoir ♡

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Run Run Run

Last weekend International Women's Day passed, yey! To all girls reading these lines - you are incredible! I celebrated that wonderful day in the bars with Rodion, we had a lot of fun drinking and dancing.
Generally I keep on working, studying, learning while spring comes in again. I'm glad that here in Vladivostok seasons change according to the calendar, and not according to freaking glaciers in the sea.
I like studying French, even though we're taught in a very rough way, sometimes not having time to follow the thoughts of our teacher. Rodion started learning German, so I have one more person to talk to about languages. And now I'd like to introduce you the French part of me:

Je m'appelle Olga et je suis étudiante. J'ai 18 ans. J'habite Vladivostok, mais ce n'est pas ma ville natale, Ioujno-Sakhalinsk est ma ville natale. Mon père est conducteur et ma mère est médecin, ils habitent Ioujno-Sakhalinsk. J'ai une sœur aînée, elle s'appelle Ioulia et elle a deux filles. 

That's all for awhile, what I remember, except greeting phrases, of course.
Lately I decided to live [at least] one day without using cruel words. I've noticed that I became rude and kinda ignorant, though I know it's not who I am. My friends use strong language as jokes, and so I started to do so, and it affects me in one or another way. I should come back to my normal condition of a kind and good girl with manners and something. I know, I have some image of a cool female version of a hustla who always has something to talk back and never cares of problems, but BANG! Here it comes - all troubles, I can't bear it any more, bla-bla-bla, I need to change something, and yes, I should.
In the end, all you need is love. So I should think back of giving love to the world, give up being sociophobic - it sucks, I'd never been like that before, I should remind myself of how to be happy and open to the world not only during the weekend having another drink. I should stop being jealous and hateful thinking life isn't fair to me and I am miserable. I am not. I'm good, really good. What I do is good and what I want to do is good. It's fine that I have troubles, and it's not fine that I let all my negative thoughts pile up in my head, in my souls, whatever you call that place, and then they blow up, and I blow up, and it hurts me and people around me like an atomic bomb. And unlike Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I know when it's gonna come and how. I feel so blue and down, like I've been dissed by a million people, and a guy of my dreams turned out to be gay, and my parents turned their backs on me, and it's so stupid and silly, but I can't help it.
I know I type the same things every year, every time I feel that way. It's been pretty long since I wrote something amazingly positive. But this is the space for my self-reflection, and it works. Today I've found out what may bring me to this awful condition and so it all boils down to:

  1. The weather. In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk my season depression started in April when I thought the snow would finally melt, and the spring would come, and the Sun would shine, and when it all sis nothing, and it still was gloomy, snowy, windy and all that jazz, I became really sad, like really. Here in Vladivostok I prayed for March, because it's known to be real spring since March here. But it's not. It's still cloudy, so windy I can't stand, there's no sunshine, it's just light in daytime, and it presses me so much. 
  2. Homesickness. Yes-yes-yes, I admit it, I miss my home. But I don't miss Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk exactly, I miss my parents. When it's tough to deal with everything, you search for the best support in the world, and I can't deny it that it's our parents. Now I started extra-working, it's still winter I don't like so much, it's nothing about my private life, so of course I feel like that kind of support no friend can give, and it's not bad or wrong, it's just the way it is. As long as I don't have my own family (and even when I have it, I'm sure), I'll have those days when you need your parents' atmosphere around. 
I know I'll get through it, the spring will come, and everything will become so fine, I'll be so happy. But now the things are just the way they are.

be brave

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sic Vives

Time goes on, I'm back in Vladivostok, we got French as our second language at university, I started a really important thing and learn four languages at once. Ta-daaa!
That really important thing is work. I started working! I told you a thousand times I wanted to become a tutor since the second semester, and I did it! Isn't it a great step in my life? It's definitely something I would write down in my autobiography. I became the English tutor for a boy, and I've already had a real full lesson with him, and everything went well. Since March I'm about to start working with a girl, but I still wait for their call. Even if I'm left with one boy to study, because it takes a lot of time and power to get to the city, I may spend about an hour on buses only to reach the place of my destination. But finally this is where I read and not waste my cell phone battery.
Last week my student organisation started its lectures, and so they started to teach us how to become teachers of their summer camp. I aim at working there for one term, I won't be able to work there for another term, because...
I have a huge announcement for you, world! In the end of summer, but in the beginning of August I'll go to... the USA! Yey!  I did decide to use my American visa one more time and have already bought the plane tickets. I'll go off to LA through Japan on the 2nd of August and be heading back to Russia through Japan again on the 11th of August, though I'll land to Vladivostok on the 13th only. After that I plan on visiting my hometown. I know, it won't be for long, and there are plenty of time till August from now, but I don't want to spend a lot of time in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk either. I love my hometown for people living there, but on seeing them I don't have much to do there. You know, on the last week of staying at home I started seeing my university in my dreams. I've got a new life, and I'm in love with that. The past is past.
While I keep on reading "Lolita" by V. Nabokov in the original, yesterday I started reading "The Plague" by the French author Albert Camus. Even though we study French, I hope you understand I read it translated into Russian, I like that book, it's kinda sad-philosophical thing I like. I guess I'll 'kill' it pretty fast, the story is really fascinating.
Yesterday Russia stopped celebrating Maslenitsa - a week when we eat a lot of thin pancakes, have fun and visit relatives, On Saturday our university had an event about it, and I even participated there as a musician! A host picked me out of the crowd and gave me an old Russian musical instrument that's actually a wash board. You know, Russians can play a saw even.

Yeah, I'm wearing red-blue shirt and a wash board on my neck
The same day, right before the event, Tanya, Rodion and I had a walk around our campus, it was snowing that time, very beautiful, though I don't approve of snowing in Vladivostok, I long for spring. So my friends and I decided to... walk on water! Well, I mean on ice. Our bay got frozen during the winter, so we could have a walk. 

Looks much like "Interstellar", isn't it?

When I'm on my way to my work, I have an opportunity to see the most beautiful views I so adore. The views of cities always take over my heart. And I take photos of them.

Be brave

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Play It Cool

You wouldn't believe, but there are two rough drafts left undone, and I don't seem to finish them. I'm tired of describing my daily life here, it stops being interesting for me. The aim of the blog as my English trainer is done, I don't need this any more, and now I only feel like pouring my thoughts out on your light heads, letting you know what's inside me, not outside. Of course I also feel like sharing my plans, whether they are Napoleon's or real ones.
If nevertheless you want to know how I spend my time on vacation, so I spend it fine. I work hard on my Italian, organize my future tutor work, go for walks with my mom and wait for Dasha to come back from her exams.
Do I miss university? Maybe. A little bit. You know, as I felt at university when I was asked if I was homesick. I always play it cool about my feelings and try not to reveal it even to myself. I am sensitive, but you won't be lucky to hear me weeping about not seeing someone for a long time. I can cry over big troubles, when things overwhelm me and I can't bear them on my weak shoulders. But one evening of crying is allowed, and then I go hard again. But feelings... Now I can totally admit that I miss my university friends: our group leader Anton, his girlfriend Tanya, even Cherry Lady's boyfriend Andrei. I don't mention Cherry Lady herself, because we've met lately and I'll stay with her till summer as well, so it's ok. I miss Ilya, who came to our home town, but only for a week. Now he's  back in Prague, and I don't know when I'm gonna see him next time. Not mentioning Dasha, she'll come to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in a couple of days. Rodion? I guess, we'll rather have walks with him in Vladivostok than here. I wonder if I've just mentioned all my people who's really important for me now.
I think I inherited this feature of being reserved from my grandmother. I don't remember her being passionate about anything except when I let my hair down or didn't have lunch. Sometimes I feel sorry for myself that I can't express my emotions on time, and then think it over before sleep. But then I wake up and remind myself that a moto "Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know" fits me better than "Let it go".

Be brave to feel the way you feel

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